At Home Permanent Hair Removal By Yourself

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The best at home permanent hair removal remedies and products can allow you to remove body hair by yourself. There are now a lot of hair removal products on the market that people are willing to try on their own. Some are a complete waste of money, where as others might actually work.

The disadvantage of scheduling to get an appointment to remove body hair is that it can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford to spend a thousand dollars on permanent hair removal procedures.

Some are not guaranteed to work even professionally. I wouldn’t say buying a home permanent hair removal product is better, but maybe more practical for some. I will go over some of the best hair removal products and natural ways you can remove body hair in your home.

Some of these methods might work permanently, but they’re not FDA approved. So, results might vary depending on each person. Removing body hair permanently can be painful, so first talk to a doctor if you have a history of skin problems.

Can You Remove Body Hair Permanently?

Yes you can. Technically there’s only one FDA approved permanent way to remove body hair and that’s with electrolysis. You can remove body hair permanently another way and that’s with lasers. This method isn’t FDA approved and results aren’t always guaranteed. It largely depends on the person’s skin tone and type of body hair whether this actually works.

Both procedures use different methods but the outcome is the same. They try to damage the entire hair root. If you can destroy the hair roots then you will no longer grow body hair.
It is possible to buy a home removal kit to permanently remove body hair. The equipment is not as advanced as a professional one so results aren’t always going to be as conclusive.

So if a product reads permanent hair removal don’t literally take it as its word. It might remove body hair permanently but a lot of these products probably won’t. Some companies have gotten in a lot of trouble promoting permanent hair removal products by the FDA.

How Does Electrolysis Remove Hair Permanently?

What makes electrolysis work so well is also why it can be so dangerous too. What it does is destroys hair growth tissue in the skin by using a needle at the opening of the follicle shafts of the skin. This procedure is used to destroy the skin cells, and will inhibit any new healthy follicles to re-grow. So basically electric energy is used to destroy these hair follicles. A very risky procedure but one that definitely works.

It’s actually not a very expensive treatment compared to laser surgery. It’s still not exactly cheap either. According to WebMD, costs are between $40 and $90 for each treatment. 10 to 25 are usually needed for it to be successful, and depending how much hair is needed to be removed.

How Safe is Electrolysis?

Before I get consider getting an expensive procedure done, I’d like to know if its safe. Of course having a hairless, buff, and good-looking body is someone a lot of men and women strive for. Our body is everything, right? If so I’d like to be sure I’m not going to permanently damage it.

The first thing I’d do is go to the website and see what they say. Because electrolysis is FDA approved in removing hair follicle permanently, but it does NOT guarantee safety whatsoever.

According to the FDA known side effects can include blistering, discoloration after treatment, swelling, redness, and scarring. Sunlight should be avoided after the procedure.

Scarring? Are you kidding me! There’s a lot of risk to stopping hair growth permanently. Hey, what man or woman wouldn’t body hair growth to be stopped permanently? However, if you’re considering this procedure you need to at least realize you could seriously damage the skin, and end up in serious pain. So please keep this in mind before deciding.

Other Methods to Removing Body Hair Permanently

Laser Hair Removal Surgery – This method is supposed to be a permanent procedure, but it’s not a sure bet these days. It is definitely one the most popular professional procedures, but also one of the most dangerous and expensive ones too.

Also, with laser hair removal surgery, even surgeons admit it only works on certain people. Specially women and men with darker hair follicles. It won’t work on blonde or gray follicles at all. You also increase the risk of burning and scarring using this procedure.

Best At Home Permanent Hair Removal Products for Men and Women

Most of these hair removal devices are probably not permanent but some men and women have had success removing body hair using these home laser hair systems. Usually multiple treatments are needed. Don’t try to remove body hair all at once. Also, most of these methods that I have listed use lasers. Lasers can cause pain, and they only work on dark hair follicles. If you have a history of skin problems then talk to a doctor first.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision – This product can be used on sensitive parts of the body. It’s not meant for removing large amounts of body hair. I think it’s targeted more for underarm hair, facial hair, and bikini hair. It’s probably marketed more towards women.

Most men don’t want to permanently remove facial hair, or bikini hair. If you’re looking to remove body hair anywhere in large amounts then take a look at the bigger sized Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X I have listed blow.

This is definitely one of the better hair removal systems on the market. It’s not a con. It should remove body hair. Maybe not permanently but in worst case for many people it can keep hair off the body even longer than waxing.

It uses FDA cleared, State-of-the-Art Technology to remove body hair. According to the product, you should begin seeing permanent results in about three months.

The one down side to laser hair removal is that it can be painful. It comes with three different settings allowing you to choose one that’s most comfortable for you.

If you don’t follow the instructions it might not work. Don’t wax or use any hair removal creams. Lasers identify body hair by color. The closer to the root the better job it does at identifying hair stubs and killing the hair root.


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X – This is a lot more expensive than the earlier product made by Tria. It has better features and the lasers used are much more powerful to removing large quantities of body hair. If you got a lot of back hair, leg hair, chest, stomach, or buttocks, then this is the product you should consider using.

Professional advanced diode laser technology is used on the hair follicle that targets the melanin at the root without harming the skin.

I realize no one likes paying $200-$500 dollars on expensive products only to find out they don’t work at all. There’s 30-day return if you’re not happy.


Silk’n Flash and Go Face and Body Permanent Hair Removal – There’s been a lot of talk about Silk’n Flash’s home devices to remove unwanted body hair. Within 4-6 treatments it supposedly can remove body hair on the chin, lips, cheeks, jaw, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, bikini, back, and buttocks.

The ergonomic head helps to reach smaller and tighter parts on the body. It’s supposed to be sensitive enough to treat bikini hair. It also comes with a DVD instructional video.
There’s not a lot of reviews but they seem to be overall pretty positive.

It’s been rated a 3.5 online. I’ve not seen a lot of reviews of hair being removed permanently from customers, but many have suggested hair is growing back a lot slower and thinner than before.

Some people have had issues with burnt skin and blisters. Some of those results are definitely alarming and might make one think otherwise before trying.


Remington SP6000SB I-Light Pro – Remington does have a Pro-Plus with much stronger lasers that might give better results, but it’s a lot more expensive. Just comparing prices between $20 dollars to $300 dollars, which one sounds better to try first?

This isn’t even marketed it as a permanent hair removal product. It can last up to 6 months. For such a low price, I think most are more reluctant to try this one first. If you have good results with the light pro, then maybe you can later upgrade to the Pro-Plus for permanent hair removal.

Each disposable cartridge gives 1,500 flashes for 2-3 full body treatments for lower legs, underarms, bikini/groin area. It’s not a laser but it’s a IPL which means Intense Pulsed Light.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy uses high pulses of visible light to damage the hair root instead of lasers. It’s basically the same procedure to laser hair removal expect it replaces lasers with light. IPL only targets lower layers of the skin.

IPL might not have as much drastic results at removing body hair like lasers, but it’s seen as less painful too.

The one complaint many customers have is the cartilages don’t last very long. If you buy it you might want to spend money on some replacement cartilages.


How To Get Rid of Body Hair Permanently At Home Pain Free!

This is a permanent home removal method that gets rid of body hair known as ayurvedic. This is a natural method to removing body hair that’s 100% pain and risk free. Our ancient relatives have been removing body hair for centuries. Cleopatra used to shave her legs with egg shells. There are many different known ways to help inhibit body hair from growing, and to permanently stop hair from reoccurring.

Thanaka Powder

This is a homemade recipe that only requires two ingredients – thanaka powder and pure kusumba oil (also known as safflower oil).

This is an old ancient recipe that’s known to get rid of body hair permanently. It’s a natural inhibitor that’s very safe and healthy for the skin. Finding these ingredients will be very hard to do, so I will list the two you’ll need to make your natural permanent body hair inhibitor.

1.) Step one obviously starts with removing your body hair. Whether that’s shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, or plucking. Waxing will give you the fastest and best results. If that’s too painful, then shaving still works.

2.) Buy Thanaka Powder. Thanaka Powder comes from the Burmese Thanaka Tree. Over 80% of the Burma women use thanaka powder to permanently remove unwanted body hair. This is a very old ancient tradition. I have listed down below where you can buy it for a pretty cheap price. It’s 100% pure.

Thanaka powder is very healthy for the skin. It helps to enhance its natural color, protect you from UV rays, reduces free radical attacks on the skin cells, and helps to enhance natural beauty. It’s also known to tighten skin pores to make you look younger.


3.) Mix Thanaka & Safflower Oil. Combine the two ingredients in a bowl. Mix enough to make a paste that’s thick enough to spread on the parts of the body you want to permanently remove body hair. I would advice using a lotion applicator. This part is optional, but you’ll find it much easier to use on your body.

I would not use with your hands, it can be somewhat messy. If you have back hair you want removed, then using this lotion applicator makes it a lot easier.


4.) Apply on the Body Every Day. You should apply the thanaka powder and safflower oil on the body every day at night before going to sleep. Continue doing this for 100 days, or until your body hair completely stops growing. After that time frame your body hair should never grow back.

Natural Methods To Stop Body Hair From Growing Back Faster

There are some ways to stop body hair from growing back faster. Some men and women have unwanted body hair that they want removed. Although removing body hair sometimes might not be permanent — you can keep it off the body for a longer time.

1.) Avoid Supplements With Biotin. Are you one of many that takes a supplement? Check your supplements to see if there’s biotin in it. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B that we all need in our diets. We all get some form of biotin through the foods we eat. Too much biotin in our diets will allow hair to grow faster.

You shouldn’t remove all biotin from your diet. If you’re taking any supplements for biotin then this can explain why hair on the body is suddenly growing faster.

2.) Get More Estrogen Into Your Diet. Women need estrogen, but for men I don’t think you should go out of your way to get more of a female hormone into your diet. Women with low estrogen levels are prone to growing more body hair. Talk to your doctor and discuss whether you should take estrogen supplements.

Be careful though, you do not want too much estrogen in your diet. Very high levels of estrogen has been linked to possible growth of tumors, especially in breast cancer. So do not take estrogen supplements on your own without consulting a medical physician.

3.) Try Using Turmeric. There’s some speculation out there that turmeric might help stop body hair growth. You’ll need 1/2 cup of pure turmeric, mixed with about 1/4 of flour. Mix in some water. Not very much, maybe just a teaspoon. Just enough to get a paste. Apply to the places on the body you want to remove body hair. Leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. Turmeric shouldn’t cause any irritation as it’s a potent anti-inflammatory.

Take a shower after. The curcumin in turmeric might turn your skin yellow, so you should take a shower. Repeat this process at least 4-5 times a week. Within a few months you might begin to notice hair growing back slower.

Even doctors have admitted that turmeric can prevent growth by breaking down the hair follicle structure.

4.) Body Waxing. This is the cheapest and best way to stop body hair from growing back as fast. Body waxing removes hair from the root. Beneath the skin the entire root is ripped off. This is the best natural way to prevent body hair from growing back as fast. Some can keep hair from growing back up to 2 months.

The best part is the more you wax your body the thinner hair grows back. I know this might be a little painful for some to try, but it’s a proven method that really works. a doctor first.