How to Prevent Itchy Skin From Shaving Body Hair

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Shaving body hair can definitely provide itchy skin. A lot of people look for ways to prevent this common problem. Although shaving the body gives you great looking results, one would like to feel comfortable afterward as well.

So if you’re having problems with getting a comfortable feeling after shaving the body, then I got a some helpful suggestions that can easily avoid excessive and uncomfortable itching. Men and women find itching to be the most problematic on the chest, legs, and back area. So lets look at some different ways we can help avoid this problem.

Wash with an Antibiotic Soap

Using an antibiotic soap can really make a difference for those with excessive itching problems.  Preferably a soap that has colloidal silver. There are some natural unscented colloidal silver soaps you can find online.

First its always important to wash your body anyway before shaving regardless. This part is really critical so you’ll avoid excessive itching, razor burn, and nicks afterward. You want to make sure the skin is nice and smooth. Men like to shave while showering. But first thing is to wash that area with a good antibiotic soap. It helps to kill bacteria, microbes and will prevent the smaller hair shafts from pointing through the skin pores.

Also, consider bathing with oatmeal or sitting in a tub of Epsom salt. These are both natural and effective ways to reduce itchy skin before shaving. Epsom salt detoxes the skin from all the toxins built up in the skin cells.

Use a Good Lotion of Oil Afterward

The body needs some kind of protection, and unfortunately there’s not really an aftershave for the body to be used. Besides most aftershave products contain alcohol, and that just dries out the skin.

Next thing you’d want to do after shaving is to use either an aloe vera lotion, or coconut oil. Either one will do. I like to use these because they reduce irritation, shaving burn, and can keep the skin moist. Usually when the skin dries out after shaving it can become very itchy.

Itchy skin is definitely more of a problem in the winter. It just dries out too easily. Aloe vera gel will fix this problem. Aloe vera gel makes for an excellent post-shaver that helps reduce inflammation, reduces itchiness and it can also naturally treat small cuts on the skin. It will naturally cool down the skin.

Using Waxing Instead of Shaving

If nothing seems to work and you can’t find any way to eliminated the itchiness you are experiencing from shaving. The better alternative to hair removal is waxing. I think waxing overall is better for chest hair particularly for a few reasons. First it removes hair from the root. This is the best way to get a completely hairless feel with no stubble appearance.

So you won’t be itching from removing hair by waxing since it pulls it completely out of the root.

The best part of waxing is that it will keep hair removed up to a few months. That’s longer than shaving. If you can withstand the pain, then its better than shaving the back and chest for maximum results of a smoother feel, while keeping hair off longer.