The Best Hair Removal for Stomach That Leaves No Stubble

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Stomach hair removal for men isn’t always necessary. However, if you want to remove hair at the root leaving no stubble appearance, this has become a sexy look. There are many places a guy might remove body hair, and the stomach is often one of those places.

Some guys aren’t always sure whether they should remove their stomach hair though It’s not completely clear for some whether it’s an attractive or an unattractive look to be seen with. Stomach hair for most guys is visible and something most have on their body. Let’s go over whether you really want to have it on your body, and if you do, some of the ways to remove stomach hair.

Is Stomach Hair Attractive?

For the most part stomach hair is not a big deal. Overall, most don’t find it attractive, but I don’t think any person would get repulsed at the idea that a guy has stomach hair. Although this is a real grey area and really varies a lot.

It’s pretty common to have stomach hair, and that alone is okay. Sometimes it can be seen a little attractive even to some, but it really depends on the person. Let’s discuss the different types of stomach hair a guy can grow. Because each type is where the differences lies.

Growth patterns are different. Some is acceptable, and attractive even. Where as other patterns are very unattractive and the stomach hair should definitely be either groomed or removed completely. Let’s go over the different growth patterns of stomach hair.

The first type of stomach hair is called sagittal, which is also known as the “Happy Trail”. This is the most widely accepted stomach hair that won’t be seen as unattractive to many people. In fact some women really love this look a lot.

This is where hair starts from the belly and goes vertically down toward the pubic region. Like a line or trail. It’s a very subtle look. This can look great with either chest hair, or a shaved chest. Some men like to groom their happy trail  to make it look a little neater too.
The next stomach hair we have is called the acuminate, which sorta looks like a V pattern. It usually has a happy trail going from the chest down to the pubic region. But it also has hair surrounding the belly area as well.

This isn’t exactly attractive, not really unattractive either. It kinda lies in that grey area of acceptable for the most part. The hair still forms a pattern but a guy might not need to totally shave it either. Keeping it groomed and trimmed is more preferable. If you want to show off your abs then you should shave it off.

The last type of stomach hair is known as disperse, which means there’s no hair pattern at all. The hair is just extended around the abdomen and makes for somewhat of a gorilla look. I think its pretty obvious that this look is definitely not seen as attractive but not a completely repulsive look either if you keep it groomed.

Best Way to Remove Stomach Hair for Men

Stomach hair is actually difficult to remove body hair given that when you do so — you’ll not only leaving a stubble appearance, but a very noticeable one. The stubble on the stomach sticks out visibly. That pretty much defeats the purpose of shaving the belly area if you can notice hair follicles are still there. It’s probably the most difficult place to get a firm shave.

Because the belly isn’t very firm. It’s harder for razor blades to penetrate in that particular area of the body.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to remove hair on the stomach completely either. I personally would advice men that have sexy abs to remove all of their stomach hair. A beer gut or pot belly is actually better to have some hair on the stomach. If you have abs, you want to show them off. If not, then you want to disguise them.

The real reason why you should consider shaving your stomach is because of your partner. What other reason? Other than maybe going to the pool or beach. But really it’s to impress a significant other.

If you’re striving for that hairless look and feel. Then men, get ready to get tough. The top solution for that is body waxing. Waxing the stomach though isn’t so bad. It’s not very time consuming and you can do this by yourself. No partner is needed.

You can apply a method known as sugaring. Sugaring requires about a few cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, and 1/4 cup of lemon. This is the basic recipe that is used. However, I like to add a little twist to it. I’d prefer adding about two tablespoons of honey. Mix all of this together then microwave for about a minute. Until it’s warm, not bubbling hot.

The honey helps sooth the skin. Then, before you start. I’d recommend adding a teaspoon of turmeric. Why? because turmeric helps remove hair from the shaft, also it’s a natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce pain. Mix it in (turmeric doesn’t require to be heated).

Also, it’s important that you keep turmeric away from any clothing because it will permanently stain clothing with its curcumin properties.

Apple the sugar, honey, turmeric, lemon, and water on the stomach. Then take a wax strip and apply diagonally on the areas you want to remove your hair. Press very firmly to ensure the entire strip is on the skin. The strip should be just the perfect size of your stomach. So if you have to cut the strip to make sure it fits properly, then do so.

When you pull the wax strip. Just yank it as hard as you can toward your chest. That way you’re going against the hair follicles. That way all the hair will be ripped out of the root instantly. Then continue until your stomach is hairless.

When you’re done you can apply either skin numbing cream or an ice pack if the skin is red and still hurting.