The Best Men’s Hair Removal Wax

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There are plenty of alternatives for removing hair on the market men outside of shaving. One of the best ways is wax hair removal for men. We know women like to wax their legs and other parts of their body. If you’re new to removing body hair, you might be asking yourself why do women do this? Body waxing requires removing hair from the root and that’s not exactly a comfortable way to remove hair.

Women do this because it’s actually the best way to remove hair, and ironically its overall probably the safest too. It just provides the most immediate pain compared to all the other ways to remove body hair.

Which is why most people frown upon doing this because the immediate pain at first can be intense. However, waxing body hair removal can give you the best results you’re looking for too. Let’s take a closer look at wax hair removal and why you should consider using it.

Why Wax Hair Removal is the Best

Body waxing is the best even though its very painful, overall, because it’s the least risky method too. You don’t have to worry about scars, cuts, and penetrating deep into the skin. At worst wax and sugaring (a home waxing removal recipe) might cause some skin irritation. Only those that have a history of serious skin problems should avoid using, or those that are experiencing skin injuries. For the most part, its pretty much risk free just not pain-free.

Why it’s so popular is because it does keep hair removed off from the body the longest compared to any other home remedy on the market. It’s also pretty cheap. It will keep the body hairless longer than both shaving and using hair creams. It works better because it rips the hair out completely at the root the way creams and trimmers can’t. No stubble appearance, not even the feel of a stubble appearance when used correctly.

It appears as if you’re naturally hairless on that part of the body. Isn’t that what most people strive for? A completely hairless and smooth baby skin like feel? If you’re willing to withstand some pain, then the results are well worth it.

Can I Use Wax Hair Removal Anywhere on the Body?

No. Absolutely not. Some guys mistakenly assume they can. Certain parts of the body are more sensitive than others. So do not think since you removed hair on your chest, that it will be okay on other places. You should never apply it on the nipple, genitals, or bikini area of the body without an expertise doing it for you. Because you can seriously injury yourself doing this incorrectly. Bikini waxing, if you’re a novice, I really would go to a local spa instead.

Best Places to Use Wax Hair Removal

Most guys that are looking to wax their body should consider using it to remove chest, shoulder, or arm hair. It’s the best for chest hair. Trimmers are sorta tricky with chest hair, and kinda tough to shave. Most guys that remove chest hair really want to have a very smooth feel to the skin.

The chest area really isn’t too bad when body waxing either. It’s the firm part of the body and it won’t hurt as much compared to other places. The back obviously is another popular place to body wax.

You’ll obviously need a partner to help you with your back. So the back, shoulders, arms, legs (most guys don’t remove leg hair), and chest are all the best and safe places to use in the comfort of your home.

How to Reduce Waxing Pain The Right Way

1.) Take A Shower

The first step is to take a warm shower. This helps to relax the skin and helps to open up the skin pores. A shower is always recommended before removing body hair. When you shower use a body wash. Soap tends to dry out the skin especially during the winter. Make sure you’re completely dry though before waxing. Some suggest applying baby powder to the skin afterwards.

2.) Take An Aspirin

About 30 minutes before you’re ready to wax the body, it’s not a bad idea to take an aspirin. Aspirin helps to reduce pain and can decrease some of the pain when ripping off the wax pad to remove your body hair. Definitely take an aspirin if you’re planning on bikini waxing since that is the most painful method.

3.) Use No Scream Cream

This is an anesthetic cream design to apply on the body before waxing to reduce pain. It’s a safe cream that can be used for any type of wax on any type of skin. The results according to customers varies a bit, but it definitely can help. You’ll probably still experience some pain, but a lot of customers say it does help.


4.) Trim Long Hair Follicles

The longer your hair follicles the more it will hurt. If you have some very long hairs, then it’s not a bad idea to trim that area if you’re going to remove hair from that part of the body. Don’t cut too close to the skin though. Hair follicles still need to be at least 1/4 to 1/2 inches long to remove hair from beneath the skin.

5.) Have An Ice Pack

Don’t use an ice pack before removing the body hair because it won’t work. But after removing body hair from a specific part of the body apply an ice pack on immediately. Take a break for a few minutes, then continue if more hair is needed to be removed on other parts of the body. This will help to reduce the pain after each pull.

6.) Remove Body Hair The Correct Way

If you’re new at removing body hair you want to make sure you’re doing it the correct way. Wax strips should be applied vertically on the body. When you pull the strip you want to pull in an upward direction. First make sure the wax strip is very secure on your body leaving just the end strip open. Then take a firm grip and yank it fast.

At first this might take a little time doing it, but as you get used to it you’ll become much faster. Make sure you read the directions on each hair waxing kit you’ve bought. You don’t want wax too hot where it burns the skin.

If you’re not exactly sure what to do, then either watch some videos online, or ask a professional at the saloon. Body waxing isn’t very complicated, but you want to make sure you’re doing it the correct way. It’s painful enough to do, and even more painful if don’t do it the right way.

7.) Use a Natural Anti-inflammatory Cream

Coconut oil, emu oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, and even baking soda are some of the natural home remedies to use after you’re done waxing the body. One of my favorite products to use is this Peppermint and Menthol cooling cream. This helps reduce any burning sensation that you sometimes get after removing hair from the root. The combination of menthol and camphor increases blood circulation and gives an intense cooling sensational feeling.

If you are not too pain tolerant to body waxing then you should seriously check out this cooling cream. This is a great natural painkiller cream to use on the skin. Very safe, no side-effects, and within 10 minutes the pain and irritation can be reduced significantly.


Things To Avoid After Body Hair Removal

Avoid Sun Exposure – Your body will be experiencing a healing process after you are finished, and it’s not a good idea to be around a lot of light. UV rays can cause even more pain to the skin. So plan on staying in doors for a while, or plan your body hair waxing in the evening when the weather is cooler.

Avoid Physical Intimacy – If you’ve just removed bikini body hair, then do not get involved with anyone sexually for at least 24 hours. Bikini body hair removal is the most painful, and you should avoid any kind of intimacy until your body is completely healed.

The Best Wax Hair Removal Products for Men

The first highly recommended product is called BodyHonee hair removal waxing kit. It can be used for both men and women. As the product description says: strong enough for men, gentle enough for women.

The three natural ingredients used are sugar, salt, and lemon. Heating takes just 30 seconds, and its recommended to apply baby powder first. This keeps the skin nice and soft and makes it easier to remove hair without as much pain. A lot of people who have sensitive skin have used this product effectively without much irritation.

A lot of men and women with extremely sensitive skin have used this body wax removal kit without experiencing much pain. The great thing about using body wax is that hair grows back thinner than before.


The next recommended product for both men and women to try is Moon Nourishing Hair Remover. This is one of the most popular organic hair waxing products to buy. I might be more incline to try this first. It includes the following ingredients chamomile, lemon water, tea tree oil, and sugar. It gently removes body hair with known ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil.

These two ingredients are potent anti-inflammatory agents design to decrease the pain.
The procedure is supposed to be relatively painless to use, even on bikini areas of the body. You can use on the face, arms, legs, underarm, chest, back, and bikini areas. The overall results seem to be less painful than other waxing products. Moon Hair Remover can keep a hairless appearance up to 2 months when used.