Trimming Body Hair with Scissors

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Trimming body hair with scissors might be easier opposed to using hair shavers. Grooming body hair by trimming is sometimes what a lot men rather do than completely removing body hair on the chest, arms, legs, or other areas of the body. Excessive hair growth is definitely a turn off, and something most women do not prefer.

But it’s not necessary for men to be completely hairless. So another popular and very cheap method is just using scissors to groom yourself. This is the least risky and painful way to groom body hair. If you’re too scared to wax, don’t have the money for laser, and very sensitive to trimmers and creams, then this is your best option to grooming your excessive hair growth. Let’s take a closer look and see why using scissors might be the best method to grooming your body.

Advantages of Trimming Body Hair

The clear advantage its the cheapest and least painful method available. You don’t have to worry about skin irritation, a burning sensation, cuts, nicks, scars, or razor burn. It’s pretty simple and not very time-consuming depending where you’ll be trimming. Obviously, the backside of the body is ruled out since you don’t want to be cutting areas you can’t see.

You’re not exactly removing all the hairs, but you’re disguising them when using scissors. You’re cutting them short and making yourself seem a lot less hairy.

For example, the chest, legs, and arms aren’t required to be hairless. You’re not going to be an outcast from society as some hairy ape if you have hair on these parts of the body. Nearly all men have hair on the chest, arms, and legs. About 90% white Caucasians do have it on the legs and chest.

Even for the pubic areas you’re not required to be shaved, but most women will say that they prefer a guy that’s well-trimmed in that area. The advantages are pretty simple on why to use scissors. Excessive dark, and long growth regardless of what part of the body is not attractive. A little body hair is preferable for most.

Also, if you want to you can then disguise the rest of your hair follicles with bleach. This has become a popular alternative to removing body hair.

Should I Trim or Shave?

This answer really varies and depends on what part of the body you’re considering trimming or shaving. The areas overall where women prefer a completely hairless look or feel is the back, butt, and sometimes the stomach even. The chest isn’t necessary to be completely hairless. Some women love sinking their fingers into a guy’s chest hair.

If you’re going to shave the chest then be sure you’re in pretty good shape. I think a completely shaved chest without being somewhat muscular can actually have the reverse effect a guy is looking for. Guys with big and strong pectorals look great with a shaved chest.

Trim Hair First Then Shave

Even if you prefer shaving and being completely hairless, you should still use scissors first. The problem with trimmers is some get stuck against those longer hair follicles, and then tend to pull at times. This is very painful. Remember the body is not like the face. Hair follicles don’t grow as thick like they do on the face, but they do grow longer on certain parts of the body.

All you need to do is trim up those areas with the scissors first so you can have a much more pleasant and a lot closer shave too. When you shave after using scissors first it makes a difference. You’re able to get a much closer shave in comparison. Less time is required when using your electric trimmer, or for those that love to use the old fashion method in razor blades.

The Best Body Hair Scissors for Trimming

I think most men regardless need a good pair of scissors to trim hair at least for the face if anything else. The nose, ears, arms, and chest can grow a little too much hair at times. Probably the best scissors you’ll find is the Tweezerman. It’s marketed as a facial hair trimmer, but you can use anywhere else on the body that has hair you want to trim.

For pubic hair, this is the kind of scissors you’d want. They’re very small and come with rounded blades. This prevents cutting yourself. Some people don’t like rounded blades though because they worry they’ll just pull at hair follicles instead of cutting them.

Just reading some of the reviews you can cut hair almost razor like close with these scissors. The rounded blades allow you to get closer to the skin without the risk of hurting yourself. Customers have not had problems cutting hairs. These are still very sharp scissors made with 100% stainless steel that won’t pull at hair follicles.


The Mehaz 4″ scissors do use pointed blades instead of rounded ones like the Tweezerman. Some do prefer pointed instead because they feel hair follicles cut easier. The pointed ends though make it much easier to accidentally cut yourself. If you feel you’re careful enough, then I don’t see why these wouldn’t work in trimming up hair on just about any part of the body.

The sharpness of these scissors can’t really be denied. If you’re looking for really small and sharp scissors then I think you’ll be relatively pleased with the Mehaz. I’d just be careful where you use them. I wouldn’t try to trim in sensitive areas like the pubic region. I’d recommended the Tweezerman if you’re looking to groom bikini hair. The Mehaz works fine with nose, ear, face, chest, arms, and leg hair.