Why Does Biotin Make Hair Grow Faster?

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Does biotin make body hair grow faster? Excessive body hair that grows continuously is a problem plenty of men and women have around the world. It’s not exactly socially accepted look either. There are many ways to remove hair from the body. Many are turning to waxing, sugaring, hair trimmers, and hair removal creams to support their hairless appearance.

Regardless of what efforts one goes to there are certain hormonal changes in our body that we can’t control that leads to excessive body hair growth. Even diets and nutritional vitamins like biotin can contribute to body hair. So let’s take a closer look at biotin and the role it plays in the body.

What Biotin Does for The Body

There’s no way to avoid biotin. We all need it for survival and one way or another we get it into our diets from food intakes. Biotin is an important co-enzyme water-soluble B vitamin. Sometimes its referred to as vitamin H. Biotin is needed for survival as it’s an important amino acid that helps to rebuild new cells in the body, and is used to support healthy skin, hair, and nerves.

Biotin also has been reportedly able to help with a lot of different health conditions, including type 2 diabetes according to webmd. Biotin also has long been reported to help grow longer and healthier nails too.

There’s no serious side effects in getting biotin into your diet. Even taking it at high levels thus far has shown very little to no side effects according to experts. The exciting recent development is that it might control blood sugar levels and it might decrease insulin resistance according to webmd.

Biotin and Hair

A lot of people have desperately turn to supplements to help with their hair growth. A lot of men and women have turn to biotin to help with their hair loss. Shampoos, hair loss supplements, and other treatments often have biotin as one of its main ingredients to help regrow hair on top of the head.

You will grow faster hair when taking at least 5000 mcg a day. Biotin doesn’t help regrow hair that has been lost, but it does help grow hair faster and stronger than ever before.
Why biotin helps so tremendously with hair growth is because its one of the essential amino acids in our body.

Amino acids develop protein in our body, and majority of our hair is made up of protein. A lack of development of protein in our body is one way to grow weaker hairs on top of the head. If the body doesn’t get enough amino acids, then this can be a contribute to slower and weaker growing cycle.