Best Body Hair Trimmer for Balls

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The best body hair trimmer for men’s balls can keep you nice and groomed in the most private area of the body. There are many places on the body a guy might remove body hair from, and the private area is often one of those places. This can be a difficult place to remove hair from, because it’s also the most sensitive part of the body.

As embarrassing and sensitive as the topic might seem — it’s no joking matter if you do this the wrong way. I’m sure you want to keep your man-hood in tact, so it is important you do this the correct way to keep your man zone both safe and hair free.

I would not recommend using razor blades for shaving pubic hair. Just think about it, a razor blade down in that area of the body doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. In this article, we will go over the safe and proper ways to remove hair from the private part of the body. Also, we will discuss the right kind of hair trimmers to use.

Why Shave My Balls?

Appearance wise is one reason, but not the most important one. Unless you’re planning on getting intimate with a partner, you’re obviously not going to need it for appearances. The biggest reason is body odor. Body odor sticks to hair follicles, particularly in the private area. To keep up a healthy hygiene every guy should look to keep their pubic area groomed properly.

How to Prepare Your Balls for Hair Trimming

This is definitely the most important part in preparing ahead of time before you shave in your private region. First, I’d take a warm shower. You never want to shave any part of the body dry. Don’t use soap since it dries the skin out. I’d buy a really good body wash and take a shower first.

There are a few ways to approach removing body hair from your balls. You don’t have to be completely shaved down there. You might need some scissors regardless if you’re going to shave your balls. If you have long hair follicles, it’s a bad idea to start using a hair trimmer right away. Long hair follicles tend to pull at the skin, and I probably don’t have to tell you how painful that can be.

Buy some very some small sized cutting scissors. The same kind that’s used for nose hair and ear hair. It should work in trimming pubic hair safely without the risk of cutting yourself.
Some come in rounded blades so there’s no risk of cutting yourself. They work quite nicely it cutting body hair before you’re ready to shave. This step is highly recommended if you have really long hair follicles.

Before you actually shave your pubic hair – some guys highly recommend applying baby powder. Baby powder will soften your skin making it easier to shave without irritation. This is highly recommended if you’re using a dry electric trimmer. If you’re using a wet or dry trimmer, then I’d shave with water instead.

Body Hair Trimmers for Pubic Hair

I will list a variety of recommended trimmers a guy can use to shave their pubic area. Each are different and might be more preferable to you depending on your budget or taste for that matter. These are all seen as safe ways to shave the pubic area of the body reducing the chance of hurting yourself. You don’t need a completely shaved pubic area, so don’t worry about a stubble appearance. Safety, comfort, and effectively trimming pubic hair is all that’s needed.

Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver – One of the best pubic hair groomers you can find online is the Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver. It’s more equip than your standard electric trimmer.

The problem with most body hair shavers is that they can’t get between those very tight, and smaller areas of the body. Regular electric shavers for men cut too fast, and that can easily lead to cuts and nicks. Something like the Cleancut can do that without nicking or cutting the skin. All jokes and kidding aside, no one wants to be nicking or cutting down in their happy zone.

The interior rotatory blade of this product makes it pretty easy to get a nice and comfortable trim with the pubic region of the body. The foil of the blade of the product has been carefully manufactured so guys can get a close as shave possible in the pubic region, without the risk at cutting the skin while in the process.

The motor of the product doesn’t run too fast so it doesn’t pull at the pubic hairs. So its good to know that the blades give just enough torque to cut the hairs instead of pulling.

• Classic Styling with stainless steel
• Design and engineer for personal shaving without cutting or nicking
• Product made in Japan
• Cleancut can be used for both men and women
• Use for underarms, bikini line, French “landing strip” or Brazilian “take it off” style

Panasonic ES2446AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer – This product is specifically made for men and women to trim pubic hair on the body. The razor blades are made with strong stainless steel blades that cuts while not pulling at the hair. There are 5 different position angles to choose from. The tip of the blades are rounded making it safe to trim the private section of your body.

You probably won’t be able to remove all your pubic hair. For women this can be disappointing, but guys don’t need all their pubic hair removed. Overall it seems safe. It has nearly 500 reviews online and has been given a 4.2 rating.

Philips Bikini Trimmer with Shaving Head and Comb – The mini bikini trimmer head is just perfect for men to trimm their balls. The mini shaving head is just one inch. This is design to give a very close and smooth shave with very little to no irritation.

The smaller the shaving head makes it easier use to shave your balls and the pubic region. Still, be careful when shaving your balls. Most guys that shave their balls recommend to exfoliate the skin to give a smoother and less irritable shaving experience.

The best feature and often good recommendations by customers is how gentile the electric trimmer is on the skin. Less irritation is obviously the number one feature when you’re shaving your nuts. No guy wants irritation in a very sensitive area.

Remington WPG4020c Body and Bikini Grooming Kit from Remington – Why men should consider choosing this groomer is because of its rotating exfoliator attachment that prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn on your pubic region. It’s advertised for women, but if you’re going to shave your balls then guys you can use this groomer too.

It’s 100% waterproof so you can groom your pubic hair in the shower. Showering might reduce any chance of nicks, cuts, and skin irritation. The foil shave attachment is hypoallergenic to reduce skin irritation.

The groomer comes with different grooming options for men and women to choose from. The two different attachment heads allow for two different grooming experiences. First, the bikini trimmer that’s used to trim around the pubic region. The foil shaver shaver allows a precise angles shave that can be used on men’s genital areas.

There’s not many reviews on this product from guys, but it should work for balls because the foil shaver still gives a nice and smooth shave with less irritation. The the exfoliator attachment might be its key feature to reduce skin irritation.