Does Laser Hair Removal Come With Risks?

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Is laser hair removal safe as an option to get rid of body hair? Can it remove hair permanently, and if so does it come with risks? If you’re saying to yourself, “On no! Unwanted body hair is now occurring!” This can be a dreadful feeling for plenty of women and even some men. Excessive body hair can seem like a frightening sight. There are so many different hair removal options available to choose from. Technology has advanced where you can get rid of body hair permanently even.

Before you consider which method to choose from, it’s always very wise to do your homework and see which options are both effective and safe. Both words being the key when choosing laser hair removal, or any procedure for that matter. Because if we don’t have a good feeling of what the risks and rewards are, then it’s not a good idea to jump head first into something without going over the options first.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

How laser hair removal procedure works is pretty simple. For the most part, it is suppose to be a permanent hair removal solution for males and females. Although its considered permanent, it’s not a “proven” permanent procedure according to the FDA. So, there’s no guarantee hair won’t eventually grow back.

Usually a few procedures are required to get all the hair removed that you want eliminated. According to the webmd, 90% of patients have permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions.

How the lasers work is that they don’t target the hair follicles, but they go right at the roots and destroy them. So that way hair cannot grow back. The laser beams target the pigment skins with light, and this ends up destroying the hair shaft, which then allows the follicles to just die.

The Problem With Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair treatment for the most part seems to work, but only on certain people. For those with dark skin pigments, they don’t seem to respond well with laser hair treatments. It doesn’t work on blonde or light hair follicles either.

For the most part those that have had success are men and women that have light skin and dark hair. Also this treatment although usually permanent is not a guaranteed to work as previously mention. It’s expensive and often costs thousands of dollars to remove hair from the entire body. So if it doesn’t work, then you’ve just spent thousands of dollars for nothing.

The Risks of Laser Hair Removal

My idea isn’t to try to persuade you to to not choose this procedure, but only to tell the risks or possible setbacks when choosing this option. There are plenty of people who have done this procedure and have had no problems, or serious side effects when choosing laser hair removal.

However, this is not the case for everyone though. These risks come directly from the FDA’s website. Laser treatment comes with a lot of very serious risks. In my opinion, those who have experience sensitive skin or have a history of skin problems should not do this, or should at least consult a dermatologist first.

Some of the risks and problems that have occurred include swelling, redness, blistering, discoloration (a common problem many have complained about), and the worst risk of all is scarring.

Any surgical procedure, or one that forces you to penetrate deep into the skin’s shaft risks the chance of scarring. This might not be the case for everyone. I know each cosmetologist will make sure to tell you that their procedure is the safest and most effective. The truth is there’s no guaranteed safety when choosing laser hair removal.

Safer and Cheaper Hair Removal Options

Wax – The next closest thing to removing hair follicles is waxing. This method allows you to remove hair follicles at the root. It’s the closest home method to removing hair permanently. It won’t do that, but in some cases it can keep body hair removed up to months. This can be painful though.

Hair Removal Creams – Hair removal creams are a real hit or miss. Because some work great, where others seem to be nothing but a scam. You can be completely hairless, and some will keep hair from re-growing up to a few weeks maybe longer even. Not quite the same as waxing, but less painful overall.

Body Hair Trimmers – I think the safest and overall easiest method is using body hair trimmers. They seem to be relatively safe to use, although some guys who experience irritation, and razor burn might need to be careful. They don’t keep hair off as long compared to creams and waxing. Body hair trimmers will allow you to remove hair pretty easily for the lowest cost.