Easiest Way to Remove Back Hair Without Help

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Removing body hair can be tricky, but obviously removing back hair without help is a difficult task to achieve buy yourself. However, there are some easy ways that you can do this by yourself. The back is the one spot on the body we can’t see, or reach very well. If you have a partner, then these methods are pretty self-explanatory.

But what if you don’t have one? Let’s face it, not a lot of guys like to openly admit to their hairy ape problems. There’s no need to panic. You can effectively get rid of back hair and in no time get that hairless feeling you once had.

Why you should remove back hair should be common knowledge, it’s an embarrassing problem to have. When summer is around the corner you no longer need to decline invitations to beach parties, or engaging in outdoor activities that forces you to be shirtless. I will cover ways to shave your back by yourself, and how to use hair removal creams on your back. So follow along closer so you do this the right way.

How to Shave Your Back By Yourself – Step-by-Step Tips

This is a pretty simple step-by-step process on how to shave your back yourself. The only way to remove back hair by yourself is while shaving. This is the best way that’s rather painless and pretty easy to do on your own. You’ll just need to buy a good back hair trimmer with a good extension.

1.) Take a shower. My method of shaving any part of the body is to always do so when the skin is moist. It helps raise the follicles from the skin pores, and makes for a much more pleasant shave. Even if you don’t have a wet/dry shaver it’s still a good idea to take a shower. Don’t use hot water as I feel it can irritate the skin. Warm water will do fine.

2.) Use a body wash. I try to avoid most soaps. I think soap tends to dry out the skin, and might cause this problem for men with sensitive skin when shaving. I’d find a good organic body wash. I’m sure if you go to your local health store you’ll find something. If not then you can check online at retail stores.

3) Use Baby Powder. Apply baby powder, especially to the back area. This is one little trick to help get a closer shave and prevent razor bumps. The skin becomes very soft making it easier to remove body hair. Baby powder also prevents against razor irritation. Make sure you’re completely dry before doing this otherwise it will be hard to shave.

4.) Once you’ve showered, dry off your back and the rest of the body. I’d stay in the tub, unless you don’t mind cleaning off hair from the floor. Some shavers might have a vacuum where it sucks most of the follicles away. If you have a good mirror, then bring it to the tub so you can at least see what you’re shaving. If not then get out of the tub, and go where you can find a good-sized mirror.

5.) Find a Tall Wall Mirror. This step is required. If you don’t have a tall mirror, then you can use your bathroom sink mirror at least. You still need a mirror because you need to see what you’re shaving. Otherwise how else can you tell whether you’ve got all the hair on the back?

Shaving withe the Mangroomer makes removing back hair easy!

6.) Shaving the back. Now you’re going to need a good electric men’s shaver for backs if you plan on removing body hair in this area yourself. Your everyday electric, or razor blade is not going to get the job done. You can go online and find the Mangroom-Do-It-Yourself that will allow you to reach your back area.

There are some other brands that also sell extended back hair shavers that work, but that one seems to be the most popular.

When you shave the back area you’ll be going against the grain. This is the best way to get a closer shave. This process can be a little difficult at first.

Start on the bottom, or wherever your back hair is at, then slowly work your way up. The extended handle should give you a pretty secured grip to prevent slippage and preventing any cuts or nicks. Allow the razor to glide against the skin, and don’t go too fast.

7.) After shaving stay in the shower, and rinse your back with cold water. It doesn’t have to be ice-cold. Cold water is needed on the back to relieve irritation that comes from shaving.

8.) Aftershave for the back. There’s no real aftershave for the body, but I’d recommend using coconut oil as an aftershave. People don’t realize this, but coconut oil actually makes the skin feel softer, smoother, healthier, and will heal nicks, and cuts on the skin. Coconut oil also will remove the feel of bumps from shaving.

And now you’ve shaved away those ugly back hairs all by yourself. These methods are simple, overall pain-free, and easy to do all on your own.

Best Way To Remove Back Hair Is Waxing

The best way to remove body hair, or any part of hair is by waxing. Sorry, this method does require a partner. I figured I should at least mention this, because waxing keeps hair off longer and gives you that natural hairless feel.

If you have a good friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc, then this can save you a lot of money than going to the spa to do it. Most hair removal waxing products are rather cheap to use.
Before removing body hair its recommended to take an aspirin, or a prescribed pain-killer.

Only take a prescribed pain-killer if someone else is going to remove body hair for you. You want to be alert and sober if you’re doing it so you don’t hurt yourself.  Body waxing can be painful, especially for first timers. But you eventually get used to it and it’s not so bad.

Best Way to Use Back Hair Cream Yourself

The best way to use back hair removal cream by yourself helps saves you time, money, and inconvenience. You can remove back hair using hair removal creams. Shaving the back can be difficult, since its hard to see the entire back. You’re likely to miss certain parts on the back from shaving if you don’t have a good mirror. A good hair removal cream helps to remove any hair follicle within its path.

Okay, you might be thinking is this really possible to do your own? After all, reaching the back with your own arms isn’t an easy thing to do. When using a lotion applicator that can be bought for a low price, you’ll be able to reach any part of the body. It’s very easy to do on your own.

Things You’ll Need:

• Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator (can buy online)
• No Scream Cream (optional, or another skin numbing cream)
• Hair Removal Cream
• Tall Wall Mirror
• StopHair Inhbitor Spray

The No Scream Cream can be applied onto your Lotion Applicator, then use on your back. I’d apply it on the parts you’re removing body hair from, then let it sit for about 15 minutes. This will help to numb any irritation and burning sensation.

Next step is actually applying the hair removal cream on the back. This step is pretty self-explanatory, but it still needs to be followed closely so you don’t hurt yourself. NEVER apply the entire cream on the body, because this is how you’ll hurt yourself.

Do one spot at a time. First do a test on a hairless part of your skin, for the recommended time, to ensure there’s no irritation.

To remove body hair from the back, I’d recommended buying the Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator online. I own one of these myself to apply lotions on my back. It’s very easy to use, and the pads are very soft and washable.

The next thing you’ll need is a big tall mirror. Most people have one in their bathroom, or bedroom. It helps to see where you’re applying the cream on your back. It’s not quite like shaving, so this part isn’t as critical but still helpful.

Before you actually apply the hair removal cream, I would highly recommend using the No Scream Cream. This is optional and not required. Hair removal creams for the most part are safe, but they can cause a burning sensation for many people. Removing body hair can be painful regardless which option you choose.

If you have hair to remove on the top part and lower part of your back, then start with the top first (wash off), then the bottom. Before you apply the hair removal cream, start your shower so you can jump in and rinse it off.

Don’t put the water on hot, because this can be very uncomfortable. 
A recommended hair removal cream to use for sensitive skin is the Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream. It’s very cheap and comes in a 13.50 ounce bottle. So it should last awhile. Ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E are very soothing to the skin.

Apply according to the directions, and do not leave on longer than the recommended time. Make sure you have a stop watch when timing it.

When you’re done, then jump in the shower and rinse off. Continue showing if you’re done, or rinse off with a towel if you plan to continue using on other parts of the body if needed.

The last step is optional, but if you want to reduce the appearance of body hair then you can use the StopHair Spray Inhibitor. Some of these hair inhibitors get some bad reviews, but this one has gotten some positive reviews.

The hair growth inhibitor helps to mimic natural balding on the places of the body you choose. It’s very easy to apply to your lotion applicator to use on your back, and any other hard-to-reach parts of your body. If you continue to apply less hair will grow back, and you’ll have more of a natural hairless look and feel to you.

That’s one problem with shaving and hair removal creams. Most of the time a stubble appearance and feel will be left behind. If you’re not brave enough for waxing, then I’d recommend trying a hair inhibitor.