Hair Shaver for Bald Heads

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The best electric hair shaver for bald heads can embrace a new look and sexy look for men. Going bald is not the end of the world, even though it feels that way for millions of men around the word. It might feel that way for many guys once those follicles start falling out and into the shower drain. Those days of looking good with a full head of hair are about to be gone forever.

The dreaded beautiful head of hair might be forever ending, but that doesn’t necessarily spell doom either. If this is you then its time to embrace a new look. That is a shaved look. Any man that’s in their 20s, 30s, or 40s should welcome the shave look. It’s become the “new in” for men’s fashion. So, let’s check out what might be the best electric shaver for bald heads to help keep you nice and groomed, while feeling like an attractive masculine man.

Should I Save My Head

Yes! Don’t even hesitate. If you’re man with obvious hair loss that’s becoming increasingly noticeable, then you should definitely consider shaving your head. No guy looks good with natural male pattern baldness. It makes any guy, young or old, look completely older than what they are.

I know shaving the head can be a little scary, because you’re changing your entire face. However, you’ll look years younger compared to the natural look. And you’ll honestly feel more confident and attractive in comparison too. There are many looks that a shaved head can offer.

If you’re a muscular guy, then adding a little facial hair looks very sexy to many women. If you’re a little thinner in appearance then sometimes wearing eyeglasses look extremely hot for many guys. There’s something about a bald man wearing glasses that has become sort of new fashion icon that many girls find extremely sexy and cute.

How to Shave the Head

Shaving the head is different compared to other parts of the body, including the face. It’s actually the easiest part to shave for the most part. The only disadvantage is that you can’t see the back part of your head without a really good mirror.

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The thing with the head is that you can definitely use shaving cream and razor blades. I think this can be somewhat time-consuming though. Because for guys that are now going to embrace a shaved head, they will need to shave pretty routinely. So using razor blades are fine, but it can be time-consuming. I think a hair trimmer overall is safer and faster to use.

The shaving process is pretty self-explanatory. The head is the firmest part of the body and the easiest place to remove hair follicles. It’s more about what to apply to the head afterwards, that is more important to consider than anything.

It’s very critical for the head to have protection, since it’s the most visible to UV rays that come from sunlight. I’d apply a natural skin moisturizer afterward to keep your skin protected.

Make sure you add some protection to your skin. You can use natural oils like coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil. These are some of my personal favorites, but there are other very effective natural oils others prefer to use for their skin. Baking soda and baby powder also works if you’re looking for organic and natural skin protectors.

Why Use a Trimmer Instead of Razor Blades

As I’ve previously discussed, using a razor blade is a lot more time-consuming compared to a really good hair clipper. Also, a really good hair trimmer gives you a lot more trimming options. Some come with  different lengths opposed to a razor blade. This helps because not every guy wants a completely shaved look. If you have a horseshoe balding pattern, then you definitely should go with the completely shaved look, unless you don’t mind looking ten years older.

Some men that still have some hair remaining on the vertex, and are balding on the crown and receding areas of the head don’t always need to completely shave their head. Some men are going more for a stubble appearance shave instead of a completely bald look. This looks better on young guys to be honest. Just leaving a stubble appearance has become extremely attractive. It’s the Jason Statham look for men between 25-40.

The Best Hair Shaver for Bald Heads

A regular hair trimmer will work, but the problem is that most of the blades aren’t big enough. You need a really good hair shave for the head like the Wahl Professional 5- star, so you’ll get a faster shave without getting nicks and cuts in the process. It’s very easy to use as your go-to bald head shaver. The Wahl Professional trimmer removes hair extremely fast and efficient while using. You can shave your head faster than your face.

Repeated strokes are not necessary, which is its key feature.. This is a very powerful electric shaver. You get two different options between 1/16 which is the bald look, or the 3/16th for guys that want to embrace a stubble look.

Some customers say beware because the blades are surgically sharp, so when using be make sure that you shave with care. This product is the closest shaved trimmer on the market. It works extremely well, but caution is still advised to anytime using an extremely sharp and powerful hair removal product like the Walh Professional.

Many customers have compliment how there seems to be less irritation when used compared to a razor blades. I think you’ll experience more irritation with razor blades, despite using shaving cream, because the blades stay closer to the skin compared to an electric blade. When the blaze is more stagnant to the skin, this causes a burning sensation for many guys.

So for men with sensitive skin, you’ll have no problem using this product with minimal to zero discomfort compared to your every day razor blade. The motor operates at 5000v and comes with a black barber comb, pre-shave brush, red blade guard oil, and a cleaning brush all included free of charge.