How to Use Turmeric to Remove Body Hair

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Image Credit: Steven Jackson

In this article, we will go over how to remove body hair with turmeric. There’s a wide speculation without much definitive proof that turmeric might be an effective way to remove body hair. Yes, that’s right, the miraculous Indian herb that’s found in households has a lot of healing capabilities to be used in herbal health.

Is it really possible to remove body hair with turmeric? Permanently probably not. However, some do think its unique in that this spice can slow down the growth of hair anywhere on the body. So its worth a try using since its very cheap, and comes with absolutely no painful risks at all. So, let’s learn a little more about this Indian spice.

What to Know About Turmeric

Turmeric is extremely safe to use. It actually is a very potent anti-inflammatory that even has antibiotic properties to fight infections, wounds, and other skin injuries. During world war two, many soldiers would use the famous spice to help treat and slow down the infection of gun shot wounds. This is a very potent and powerful herb.

The curcumin in turmeric, which gives its yellow color has all its potent properties. The thing is turmeric will stain clothing permanently. It will even likely stain the skin temporarily but will go away when you wash it off. So make sure you don’t allow it to get into contact with shirts, pants, or other clothing because it will not come off.

Why Turmeric Might Remove Body Hair

Turmeric can penetrate deep into the skin’s shaft. Why turmeric might actually work is because according to studies it has the rare ability to regulate natural corticosteroids from the adrenal glands. Body hair and hair in general is often affected from our adrenal glands.

Making a Turmeric Paste

To make a turmeric paste is extremely easy. First go to the health store and buy organic turmeric. It’s easier to buy the powder version, just make sure its organic that way its more potent and effective. Then just apply either some water or milk until it becomes thick. It’s hard to recommend how much to use. That largely depends on how much body hair you’re going to remove.

In a plastic bowl just mix enough water or milk until its thick. You don’t want it too thin, because it needs to be thick enough to apply on your body. Let it sit there for about 10-20 minutes, then take a shower. It’s recommended to do this before showering. Then continue this process daily. Within a few weeks you might notice less body hair.