Is Body Hair Genetic?

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Is body hair genetic?  For a lot of men who suffer from excessive body hair growth, both men and women begin to wonder what the causes might be. Is there a way to prevent this? As you begin to age, and you might begin to notice excessive body hair on your arms, chest, back, and maybe even your butt. And you go yikes, I don’t like this look at all.

These are questions many ask themselves. Sometimes you might just be suffering a hormonal side effect from a drug, or illness. Most times that’s not the case. Well, let’s take a quick look at the causes of body hair, and see which one might apply to you. There are different causes for each person. For the most part though it becomes inevitable for men and women to deal with.

For the most part, yes, body hair is genetic. There’s no real way to prevent body hair from growing excessively if you’re a causality of this problem. So the real question lies in how, and why is this suddenly a problem for me?

The testosterone imbalance is what plays a major role in androgenic hair for men and women. This is usually genetic that’s carried down from either your mother, or father’s side. A lot of the traits we develop are genetic, and are developed from our genetic pool.

A recent study done by Stanley Marion Garn of Harvard University shows the frequency of terminal hair in 239 random white males is 100% in the beard,  97% in the lower arm and leg, 85% upper arm and leg, 84% stomach, 79% chest, 67% in fingers and toes, 43% in sacral, 37% rear, 28% lower back, and 25% upper back.

Men are pretty hairy individuals. Guys have what is known as androgen’s, known as male hormones in the body. Men don’t just have them, women do too. Men have more of them than women typically. As puberty hits the number increases.

And as we age it continues to increase. Body hair is all hormonal, unless you’re suffering from special diseases that include Cushing’s disease, tumor in the glands, congenital adrenal hypoplasia, or testosterone medications according to Medline Plus.

Why Body Hair Continues to Grow

The body doesn’t act the same as we grow older. Organs and cells slowly start to deteriorate. For body hair it’s actually simple, since hair growth cycles are contributed to our hormones more than anything. As men continue to get older, in fact, the androgen continues to increase for men and women as they age. So as you get older, body hair will start appearing on other parts of the body.

To understand why we have body hair is to understand the hormone androgen. Androgen’s are responsible for the natural sexual development in males.

Hormonal imbalances become quite common and more frequent for men and women age. This is just part of life. There’s no nutrition, diets, or anything of that matter that can really slow down this process. So you’re going to have to either embrace this part of you, or take matters into your own hands.

Is There a Solution?

Yes, many people are finding a few solutions to this problem. Since you can’t prevent it there are only two options for you. One you can just embrace your excessive body hair. If you’re a man, some women really love it and even prefer a man with body hair. Particularly the chest hair its seen very attractive to many.

Or you can get rid of the problem. If you’re not in favor of the expensive procedures like body hair laser and electrolysis, then you can choose between body hair removal creams, wax removal and body hair trimmers.