Is Body Hair Waxing for Men Too Painful?

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The method of body waxing to remove hair is something many people use to get that hairless feel that every guy and woman wants. This is one of the most common ways to remove body hair for women. But is body hair waxing for men worth doing?

It’s difficult to answer this because it really depends on what you’re willing to sacrifice to remove body hair. This procedure doesn’t cost very much and it really does work. Whether or not you’re able to sustain the possible painful procure is another thing. Let’s look at the pros and cons of removing body hair by the waxing method.

Pros of Waxing Body Hair

There are actually a lot of pros and reasons why men should consider doing this. In fact of all the ways to remove body hair waxing is actually the best. Why it works so well is because it literally removes the hairs from the root. Something men’s shavers and even a lot of good shaving removal creams fail to do this. So for the best results, I don’t think there’s a better way in the comfort of your home in removing every follicle in its path.

• Keeps hair off the longest. Results can last up to months.

• Removes the stubble appearance. Achieves the smoothest skin that shaving creams and lotions fail to give in comparison.

• Hair follicles become thinner and weaker when re-growing.

• Pretty easy to use and can be done at home.

• Low cost and very cheap.

Cons of Waxing Body Hair

The cons of this unfortunately for most outweigh the pros. It largely comes down to those that are tough enough and willing to sustain the pain that often is experienced with waxing. I would not make any waxing recipes until you’ve become more experienced. Online there are many rather cheap and good products to choose from that seem to help reduce the pain.

• Painful. You’re ripping off a bandage that’s attached to your body, and pulling away hair follicles with it. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand this is pretty painful.

• Risk of damaging the skin. You can risk penetrating and ripping off some skin along with hair follicles. Although this is rare, but it still happens from time to time. This can really hurt.

• You need a partner. Depending on where you’re trying to remove body hair. For example if you’re trying to remove hair from the back, then you’re going to need help.

• Time consuming. It can take time to remove all the hair you want unless there’s just one specific place you want it removed.

Best Alternative to Waxing

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into waxing your body hair, there are other methods to choose from. The best probably is body hair removal creams for men. These creams can still penetrate deeply into the shaft, and remove the stubble appearance as well. This method is a lot less painful and much less hassle for men and women to choose from.