Is Hair Removal Cream Bad for Your Skin?

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Is hair removal cream bad for your skin? Can it cause permanent scars and damage? A lot of men and women turn to hair removal creams because they seem safer, and easier to use than hair trimmers for keeping the body hair free. However, is this true?

Hair creams and lotions for the most part are pretty safe to use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they come without any risks involved. Any method you choose in removing body hair might result in some painful side effects. So before you decide on buying a hair removal cream, let’s read the potential risks involved when using to remove body hair.

Hair Removal Creams Really Work

Hair creams will remove hair follicles on the body. Just because they work, that doesn’t mean they won’t come without risks. Remember, these creams are ripping out follicles from the body. That can still hurt regardless of the procedure being used. You’re always opening up the chance of irritating the skin regardless of how you remove body hair.

There’s no 100% safe procedure. Anyone with a long history of skin problems should always consult a doctor before using.

Most Hair Removal Creams Are Safe But There Are Exceptions

Some people avoid using hair trimmers because they might irritate those with sensitive skin, and are prone to burns, cuts, and nicks. For the most part, you do not get these problems when using a skin cream. That does not mean this can’t happen.

Most people who develop problems from these lotions or creams don’t use them correctly. For example, if you leave them on longer than instructed you’re more prone to allowing the creams to penetrate into the skin, leaving one in pain.

How skin creams work accordingly to the FDA, also known as depilatories, is that they affect the protein structure of the hair follicles. The follicles instantly start to dissolve, and within minutes can be wiped off with a towel.

However, those that suffer from allergies and sensitivity to chemicals might find this procedure not safe to use at all.

My advice if you want a safe way to remove body hair is this: I’d look for skin removal products that have ingredients like aloe vera, or vitamin E. Look for ones that say “for sensitive skin” because these ingredients act as a protector against skin irritation.

The FDA also warns against burns, blisters, stinging, itchy rashes, and skin peeling for some men and women when using.

Overall Conclusion

Yes, hair removal creams for the most part are safe. But like most things it largely depends on the product used and the sensitive of that person’s skin. Poorly made hair removal creams that contain a lot of unnatural chemicals can cause irritation to the skin. Those with a long history of skin problems also might want to avoid, or use with caution after consulting with their doctor.