Men’s Full Body Hair Removal Cream for Smooth Skin

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A good men’s full body hair removal cream can take care of your unwanted, excessively hairy problems. Some of these removal methods not only remove body hair, but leave the skin softer and smoother. I think its time to say goodbye to body hair that has brought down your confidence. A hairless and smooth body can be achieved for any guy. We don’t like to admit that we have excessive body hair. Some men, and especially women, go to extreme ways to keep it a secret.

Regardless of how normal it may seem, and how majority of the population suffers from the same problem, this can still be a real self-esteem issue for anyone. All it takes is one cover magazine to see a man shirtless, hairless, and completely buff to remind us that’s exactly how we want to look. There’s no shame in having some hair on the body.

However, if you want to remove it all, and be completely smooth and sexy in your appearance then these methods in this article might help. These might be the best practical ways to do get that sexy body back once again in the comfort of your own home. So, lets take a look at what we can do, shall we? Let’s get back that sexy body that you want to show off again!

Why Choose Hair Removal Creams Over Hair Trimmers?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a really good body hair trimmer opposed to removal creams. In fact, for easier methods and for a cheaper price, I’d probably go that route instead. Men are meant to shave and most can do so with ease.

However, there are some cons to shaving the skin. For one example razor burn, nicks, cuts, and irritation is sometimes likely to happen. Those with extremely sensitive skin that are prone to bad reactions with a blade, even an electric one, might find better relief using creams instead.

I think another advantage of hair creams, it’s just easier to remove body hair, especially in those difficult to reach areas of the body. There are certain parts on the body where it’s very difficult to shave. Sometimes certain spots are missed. Creams can penetrate into those tight and very hard to get spots better than shavers can.

The problem with hair removal creams is that there’s a real grey area involved in finding the right kind. The best ones on the market will remove the hair follicles, and will even penetrate into the shaft, and remove ingrown follicles. They’ll keep hair from re-growing much longer opposed to trimmers too.

Some men have stated that some creams will prevent the follicles from growing back up to a month in time. Longevity wise they win easily over the best and most effective electric body trimmers for men on the market.

Do Hair Removal Creams Really Work?

Yes, they really do work by removing the hair right at the shaft. It doesn’t pull, or clip hair. So there’s usually very little pain. It naturally destroys it when applied. You simply apply it to the area and the extremely highly alkaline creams have this unique ability that affects the protein structure of the hair, and destroys them within minutes after applying. They’ll remove the follicles at the root.

Are There Side Effects to Using Skin Creams?

Yes. There’s always possible side effects and risks when removing body hair. You’re removing hair from the shaft. Some creams work with no side-effects. Some creams might have some chemical reaction that really irritates the skin. The most common side-effect that many people usually complain about is a burning sensation with skin creams.

Image Credit: Nikon D1700

When left on too long it becomes extremely dangerous to use. The skin can start to peel and bleed. Most manufactures even insist when buying their product, first do a preliminary test on the hand to see if there’s any kind or reaction.

Quality Does Matter!

Whether a hair cream or lotion really works comes down to the product more than anything. Some work great, and some simply don’t do much at all. There are some obvious scams, and products out there that are poorly made. Cheaply made ones won’t work very well, and might cause some serious side effects. Do your home work and don’t just buy the first hair removal cream you see at the store. Go with trusted and cosmetically approved products.

Best Men’s Full Body Hair Removal Cream

The number one selling product on the market for guys is the Nair Nair for Men Body Hair Removal. This seems to be the overall consensus best product for men to choose. There are often going to be mixed results when it comes to products like this. It’s the number one selling product, and I think it is highly regarded because it seems to be relatively safe, easy to use, and very cheap to buy. Why should you buy this as opposed to shaving? If you’re trying to remove the stubble appearance for example, I would consider a product like this.

I wouldn’t be opposed to still using a hair body trimmer too, then applying this cream on after so it can get deep into the shaft of the follicles. Some men like to use both. If you’re extremely hairy then I think you at least should trim first, otherwise you’ll probably end up using half the bottle just for one appliance.

You can use this on all parts of the body though. It’s been dermatologist tested. When used regularly it supposedly weakens the shaft, and follicles as they grow back, allowing them to become weaker in appearance. It can keep follicles from re-growing up to 2 weeks. However, everyone’s body is different so this might not be exactly the same for everyone when using.


Sensitive skin is a problem many people deal with. I can’t speak too much on which product without a doubt is best, but I would probably be more incline to try this one for a few reasons. One it definitely helps those with extremely sensitive areas that need to be removed. Two, it shouldn’t cause much irritation.

It uses both aloe vera and vitamin E. Both of these ingredients reduce irritation, and pain. It smooths and cools the skin while applying. You cannot only remove hair, but you’re likely to have a much more youthful, and healthier look.

It’s an extremely cheap product to use as well. You can effectively use it on areas that include legs, knees, ankles, arms, underarms, and the bikini line. However, be sure to read the instructions carefully. You cannot use it on genital areas, or parts where’s there’s damaged skin.

Both women and men can use this cream. According to the number of positive feedback, it seems to really work for most costumers. Most don’t experience much pain, or burning when used. You must leave the cream on for up to 10 minutes. Hair follicles aren’t likely to grow back for weeks, to even a month.


Ingrown hair problems within the body are problems that majority of men end up having. It’s a real problem, because they stay under the surface of the skin. It’s something hair trimmers can’t really tackle. If you insist on using hair trimmers, then I’d at least consider using the Anthony Logistics Men Ingrown Hair Treatment before shaving.

You want to eliminate razor bumps, burns, and stop ingrown hair problems. Most razor bumps are contributed to ingrown hair follicles in the body and the face. So I think any male with sensitive skin would greatly benefit by trying this product.


How to Use a Hair Removal Cream

You should never use any hair removal product around damaged skin. This is completely forbidden, especially if you have a history of skin problems or diseases. Any parts of the skin where there are wounds, lesions, sunburn, or any skin ailment you’re suffering from should not be applied with a hair removal cream.  I think you should always shower first so the skin is nice and moist to prevent any potential irritation when using.

Read the directions: because each product is different. Most the time its pretty simple. You apply the lotion or cream on the skin, and leave it on there for a certain amount of minutes. Never leave it on longer than recommended because you can seriously hurt yourself. Then you wash it off with a towel, or wash cloth.

I think it’s always wise to then wash that area with cold water when you are done to prevent or limit any irritation. Another a little tip I’d recommend trying is applying natural oil to that part of the skin afterward. Natural oils keeps the skin softer, smoother, and reduces any inflammation too.