The Best Facial Hair Trimmer for Stubble Look

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Image Credit: Stewart Butterfield

The best facial trimmer for men that gives a stubble look has become very trendy. A beard trimmer that keeps a 5 o’clock shadow has become something that preserves a both masculine and sexy appearance in a guy. Some men out there want the closest shave possible. However, the stubble appearance has become a very welcoming look many guys have learned to embraced as an alternative to traditional shaving.

The closeness and smooth baby skin like feel is irreplaceable. However, look wise the stubble has become cooler and more fashionable. If you’re not a fan of shaving, or you want to try a new look, then the stubble look is hot. You no longer are required to having to carve up your skin, and ending up with razor burn just to look good.

If you’re tired of getting razor burn, nicks, and cuts. All the dreaded discomforts that comes with shaving, then we are going to go over some of the stubble trimmers that make men look irresistibly sexy. The best stubble trimmers for men on the market has new innovated technology, and features that allow guys to still shave in a multitude of choices.

Tips to Getting a Closer Shaver Without Irritating The Skin

If you’re considering the facial stubble look because you’re just fed up with shaving. Which many guys can’t get the right protection, develop skin irritation from blades and even electric shavers; so they just embrace a stubble look instead.

These tips you should consider using in their daily regimen to get a closer shave while minimizing blade irritation. These methods should help any guy with extremely sensitive skin.

My favorite shaving method is using virgin coconut oil. What you do is apply some organic coconut oil wherever you’re wanting to move hair. Whether it’s on the body, or face, it doesn’t matter. Apply to the skin then let it absorb completely. I’d recommended doing this about two-hours before shaving because the one bad thing about coconut oil it does take some time to absorb into the skin. You can try putting a fan in your face and this might the oil absorb faster.

But if shave before going to work in the morning then maybe you should scratch this idea off. Given time is at the essence. Coconut oil it’s too slippery to use as an actual shaving cream.

The oil penetrates deep into the shaft of the skin, and it keeps it moist and smooth. The rough skin quickly becomes very soft even before shaving.

The follicles on the skin will stick up much better. I love using coconut oil for a few reasons. First off it will protect the skin from inflammation and irritation while in the process of shaving. You’ll be able to prevent that dreadful burning sensation of shaving.

If coconut oil takes too long for your liking, then the next method includes using both baking soda and olive oil. This works just as well. Just apply enough oil to the baking soda to make a thick enough paste that can be applied on the body or face; wherever you’re shaving.

You can either apply on the face as a pre-shaver and leave it for about 15-20 minutes before shaving, or you can use as an alternative shaving cream. This only works as a shaving cream when used with razor blades. I would not use with electric shavers. Even ones that can use moisture.

Baking soda is known as a cleaning ingredient in our household, but can be used for so much more. Baking soda penetrates into the skin, and makes it a lot easier to shave closer without irritation. Olive oil also helps to protect the skin cells, and keep the skin smoother. These two methods work quite effectively for many.

Best Facial Hair Trimmers for Stubble Appearances

It’s important to know that stubble trimmers are different from a razor blade, or even some electric shavers on the market. These aren’t meant to shave as close as possible. Some stubble trimmers can still allow you to get a smooth and relatively closer shave leaving just a “subtle” 5 o’clock shadow.

This is a really hot look for men. The stubble trimmers come with a lot more grooming options. There are different setting lengths for beards, mustaches, and the 5 o’clock shadow look.

One of the top ones on the market is the Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Trimmer. What makes this one of the best is the floating contoured head. I always love a shaving head that can either pivot, or float accordingly to your face. This makes trimming and shaving a heck of a lot easier.

This is the perfect kind of shaver meant for trimming and grooming the face. You don’t have to worry about pain, nicks, cuts, and the dreaded razor burn that men often complain about. You can get a really close stubble appearance that adjusts between 0.4mm-5mm. That gives you a lot of different trimming options to fit your look. So if you’re done with razor blades, then you might want to give this a try.


Another trimmer that many guys are finding helpful to them is The Philips Norelco QT4070. What is cool is that it comes with a vacuum system. This is a big deal because trimming and grooming does leave a big mess that’s a pain to clean up. It is less time-consuming. Saving time from having to clean up afterward is a bonus. There are up to 18 different secured, safe, and patent locked length settings for guys to choose from.