The Best Men’s Chest Hair Removal Methods

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Finding the best men’s chest removal methods will not only allow allow you remove body hair, but give you a natural and smooth feel, too. Removing body hair can be a difficult task for certain parts of the body. The chest area is one of those difficult places for many guys. The chest isn’t flat and the pectorals make it much harder to get a very close and smooth shave.

There are different methods for one to consider before they decide how to remove their chest hair. The chest is the part of the body where hair is welcomed and accepted for the most part. This article will help you find the ways for you to remove chest hair, and whether it’s absolutely required for you to do so.

Should I Remove My Chest Hair?

Not every man should remove their chest hair. Now, if your chest hair is growing wildly to the point where you’re beginning to look like a caveman, then it’s not a bad idea to at least trim it up. All men should keep their chest hair at least trimmed if it’s starting to grow excessively.

But if you’re going to remove chest hair completely there are a few things to consider first. Men that remove chest hair want to show off their body. If you have strong pectorals and a lean stomach then it’s a great idea to remove chest hair. It shows off a man’s muscular physique.

For men that have a beer gut and are a little out of shape, it might have the reverse effect. It might make you look a little out-of-place. Removing chest hair exposes your body. A little chest hair can sometimes disguise imperfections on the body.

Should I Shave or Wax My Chest Hair?

If you want an absolutely hairless, smooth, and natural feel then you’re you should definitely body wax your chest. Yes, I know it’s not exactly going to be the most pleasant experience for a guy or woman to go through. Waxing the chest is not as painful though. As long as you have moisture, waxing the chest is not that painful. Waxing the back, buttocks, or other parts of the body are much more painful and requires another partner.

If you’re going to be intimate with a woman, and that’s why you want to remove your body hair then I’d go with the waxing method. Because when someone touches you they can’t tell the difference if you’ve used body wax.

It removes the hair completely at the root. No stubble appearance at all. Electric shavers and razors can’t do that. Waxing will keep the body hairless up to 6 weeks for most people.

The problem with waxing is that some have extremely sensitive skin, and it can still be painful. Red irritation and sometimes even cuts can happen during this process. You could try hair removal creams if you’re not very found of the idea of ripping hair out at its root.

But, even hair removal creams can cause skin irritation. This is the second best way to get a completely smooth chest. The results are not as good as waxing but can still provide a hairless chest.

Hair trimmers do work well for the chest, but they might not give a completely hairless feel or look either. It’s much more difficult to shave the chest area. I’d completely rule out your regular razor blades, unless you don’t have much body hair in that area. It’s just too easy to cut yourself.

I don’t think a completely hairless look is necessary for guys. A trimmer can just keep you more groomed and looking nicely instead of that gorilla look you’re trying to stray away from. If you’re going to buy a good hair trimmer then I’d do some research on each trimmer and ask questions online to see which one might work best for chest hair.

Best Chest Hair Removal That Works With Body Waxing

When waxing your chest, it’s a good idea to either take an aspirin or to use a number creaming before. Always shower first because the skin will be more relaxed and the follicles will rise above the shaft easier; making for less pain. Waxing the chest might require some trial-and-error at first. After time, it becomes pretty easy to do it and not very painful. Avoid applying on the nipple, because that will hurt. If you’re not sure what to do, then it’s a good idea to maybe watch some videos online on youtube.

Gentle Bee’s Sugar Wax – Only three ingredients are used in sugar, water, and lemon. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up in the microwave. Gentle Bee’s Sugar Wax is recommended to use for your chest hair. It also looks natural and completely hairless. No one will notice you had hair. 50%less pain than most of sugar/waxing products on the market.

Sugar is one of the most popular ingredients to use for hair removal. Why? Because sugar not only removes hair by the root, but the follicle will grow back softer and more brittle compared to shaving.

Hair can stay off the chest up to 4 weeks. So no need to continue shaving every day. It can be used on other parts of the body too. It’s a unisex body wax for both men and women to use.

A lot of people have mention that hair does grow back thinner after using for some time. Body waxing takes time getting used to, but once you do it’s not so dramatic. Eventually your body will be able to build up a better tolerance to the pain the more times you do it. So don’t freak out if it’s very painful at first for beginners.


Blue Steel Sports Wax Strips – These are wax strips that can remove hair on different parts of the body, including the chest. No heat is used, but the same method applies similar to body waxing in that you’re removing hair from the root. The strips also feature chamomile extract to help relax the skin.

These strips were formulated especially for men. You can get rid of chest hair in no time and be completely hairless up to weeks. The strips work on both coarse and tough hair. Any type of body hair it will pull out from the root.