Tips to Shaving Off All Body Hair for Men

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Image Credit: Danny Casilla

Shaving off body hair call allow men to show off their natural body shape. A man’s body is meant to be a masculine and a muscular physique. Some men often ask for tips on which parts of the body they should remove hair from. Excessive and unwanted growing body hair is problem a lot of guys deal with. This is not uncommon problem to have. It’s quite normal for most men. There are a lot of different and easy ways to get rid of body hair by yourself.

However, each part of the body might require a different method in removing unwanted body hair. There’s not a simpler way to put it: body hair is pretty much permanent. Unless you’re ready to cough up hundreds to thousands of dollars for a permanent solution.

Also, if you’re willing to out weigh the risks of hair laser removal or electrolysis; the only known two options remove hair permanently. Outside of these two options – there’s no permanent solution. Guys don’t necessarily need a permanent solution anyway, they just need to be properly groomed.

Best Way to Remove Body Hair

When I say best, I actually mean the easiest and least expensive. Shaving is something all men are familiar with. Yes, shaving can sometimes leave a stubble appearance and won’t leave you with a completely hairless feel most of the time, depending on how much hair you have on a certain part of the body.

But the important thing to keep in mind is that men are meant to have some body hair. If you’re completely hairless, then that might just come across as looking a little strange in some cases. And maybe some women might even be disappointed. Body hair does make a man masculine. But it’s excessive body hair that becomes a little off-putting.

Most hair trimmers on the market allow different trimming lengths, so you don’t necessarily need to have a completely shaved on certain parts of the body. For example, do men need to have completely shaved arms and legs? Of course not, but you can at least trim and groom that area up with a really good trimmer at least.

Before shaving, it’s recommend you exfoliate the skin. This will prevent ingrown hairs and also give you a smother shave. Exfoliating the skin requires a good body scrub brush. This also helps give you a closer shave.

When shaving wet or dry — this can comes down to a matter of preference. I’d at least consider moisturizing the skin before removing body hair. Whether that’s with a skin moisturizer, or a shower, because a softer and smoother skin makes for a better shave.

Also, another option to consider is to not completely remove all body hair with a close shave. Just leaving it within a few inches with a good groomer, and then just bleaching the remaining hair follicles has become popular. Some are on the fence with this method, because bleaching the hair might come with some possible side-effects to the skin. This varies for some. However, you can properly groom and disguise excessive body hair with this method.

Why does is this method recommended? Well, when you do shave hair follicles they will grow faster, darker, and appear thicker in appearance at first. So, doing this can help you minimize your shaving efforts; while disguising body hair.


How to remove body hair from the chest is actually a little tricky, because the chest area is probably the most difficult part of the body to actually shave. I’d probably avoid razor blades, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, razor blades are the best way to shave your chest, because it gives you a closer and more natural feel. I would shave the chest hair in the shower using shaving cream.

A good hair trimmer can definitely be used, especially if you’re just looking to groom that area up. It’s just pretty hard to get a completely free stubble appearance though if you’re trying to be completely hair-less with trimmers.

And guys some go for the feel of a hairless chest more than just an actual shave.

My number one suggestion would be body waxing. It might seem extremely painful, but it’s actually the least painful when doing it on the chest. It will remove hair completely at its root. This is perfect because you’ll have a completely smooth feel and natural look to the chest. Also, hair won’t grow back for months.

Arms and Legs

You should definitely buy a really good hair trimmer if you have too much hair on the arms and legs. Men don’t need to be completely shaved or hairless on these parts of the body. That’s only for women. Men need some hair to look masculine and manly.  A groomer can just keeps these areas trimmed.

Again, I’d find a body groomer that has a variety of different grooming lengths for shaving arms and legs. Because most men don’t need to completely shave their arms and legs. Although some men do. It comes down to preference, I suppose. But if your hair is too excessive and obviously noticeable, then grooming it is preferable.


The back is obviously difficult, since we can’t really see it without a really good full-sized mirror, and can’t reach that part of the body with our own arms. The best overall method is probably waxing, but that requires a partner. The easiest way is by using a good hair trimmer with a good extension. Mangroomer is a manufacturer that makes hair trimmers allowing you to shave any part of the back without any help.


This is the sensitive part of the body, when it comes to removing body hair for men and women. Waxing is usually out of the question, since its way too painful. I wouldn’t try this procedure if you’re sensitive to pain. Although it can be done, but it’s recommended to go to a spa and allow a professional do it for you. Otherwise, you can seriously hurt yourself if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

You basically got two options to use at home: hair trimmer or hair removal creams. Hair trimmers can make it very difficult to shave those parts of the body. You also risk possible nicks and cuts. Hair removal creams however aren’t also a recommended option either.

If you decide to shave that part that area instead, then don’t buy some cheap and poorly used hair trimmer. Make sure you go online for the best type of pubic hair trimmer to use.

Some trim too fast and can make it extremely painful, or they just end up pulling at the follicles leaving the skin irritated with razor bumps. You can find some helpful feedback, to make sure you are getting a pretty good trim without hurting yourself in the process by doing research. Slower blades with safety features that prevent cuts and nicks is what I’d look for.