Why You Should Consider Shaving With Coconut Oil

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Shaving with coconut oil really works in giving a smooth and non-irritable feeling on the skin. One of the highly recommended alternatives to shaving creams is coconut oil. If you’re a man that’s not getting enough protection from shaving; using natural oils like coconut might help.

Shaving with coconut oil acts as a superior moisturizer to the skin. They work better than a lot of shaving creams on the market. It’s personally one of my favorite methods to shaving

the body and face. I love coconut oil for a variety of reasons. I’ll go over the very brief reasons why you should be shaving with coconut oil, and why it’s arguably the best and most efficient way to removing hair from any part of the body.

Why Coconut Oil Works

First of all, of all the oils on the market there might not be a better one than coconut oil to add to your healthy lifestyle. Coconut oil is arguably the best for our skin. It’s loaded with a high amount of saturated fats. Saturated fats are often seen as extremely harmful to our health. That is true, but coconut oil has a really rare saturated fat that has shown to be very healthy for us according to studies. It can eliminate toxins from the skin and body. It can also stop free radical attacks on the skin.

Coconut oil is a big deal because when shaving our skin is often open to sensitivity from the blade. Our skin is an extremely vulnerable part of the body that’s exposed to the most toxins daily, and often doesn’t get the proper treatment it needs. Men lack the proper protection from most of the shaving creams they are using. If you’re using an electric trimmer for your body hair, then you’re likely not getting any protection at all.

This is such a wonderful oil because it basically does it all. It can act as a moisturizer, protector, and it can even help to repair damaged skin cells. Coconut oil is a potent anti-inflammatory that relieves the skin from razor burn, while healing small cuts from shaving. Coconut oil provides a very smooth and soft texture to the skin like nothing else you’ll find on the market.

How to Use Coconut Oil When Shaving

You can use coconut oil for shaving in a few different ways. It can be used as both an aftershave and as a shaving cream. To use it as a shaving cream alternative works pretty well too, but can be tricky.

The thing is coconut oil doesn’t absorb very fast. So if you use it to shave, you must apply it to the skin sometimes hours before you shave. Once it absorbs into the skin, then you can shave with an electric shave or use a razor blade. The oil acts as a great skin moisturizer that protects the skin. The skin becomes very soft instantly when applied with coconut oil.